Friday, March 14, 2014

Romance is for Other People First Summary! (Tidbit #11)

Hi Guys!  Please share this with your friends if you are excited about it!  Here it is:

Lydia: “You must be sure you have a shot.  But you don’t.  Romance is for other people.”
Jeremy: “Do you actually think I believe that?”

Chris Howard is content with being “Best Friends Forever” with Lydia Jamison, but Lydia secretly wants to go out with him.  Meanwhile, Chris’ older cousin Jeremy and Amanda have a tumultuous love-hate relationship.  In a recent fight, Jeremy angrily tells Amanda he can find another girl, and immediately afterward starts pursuing Lydia.

Lydia is at first disgusted, because Jeremy has been a pest to both her and Chris in the past.  Chris doesn't believe that Jeremy has a chance with Lydia, and does nothing about it.  But as Jeremy refuses to give up his pursuit….

Romance is for Other People is a unique novel told from first person from the point of view of two main characters: Chris and Lydia and their experiences with first love and first heartbreak. 

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