Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Romance is for Other People Tidbit #20 (Lydia Character Profile)

Hello Everyone!  For the Month of May, I am going to profile all four of the main characters on Wednesdays. Here is Romance is for Other People Tidbit #20:

20. Lydia Jamison Character Profile:
Lydia Jamison is 14 years old.  She maintains an A- average.  She has a little brother named Mark, with whom she has an “okay” relationship.  She is loyal to her best friend Chris. She is more willing to speak up than Chris, though she shares some of the same quiet and reserved traits.  She has a good relationship with her parents, but she is closer to her father.  She has acted in plays since she was a little girl, and three of the plays in middle school with Chris.  She used to be as close to some girls she knew when she did plays, but now she is only close friends with Chris.  Like Chris, she can be compassionate towards others.  Likes romantic movies but internalizes the relationships she sees.  She is more comfortable with physical affection. A huge secret she has never told Chris: she has been in love with him since she was very little.  She has however become somewhat jaded because Chris has never returned her affections or shown any hint he was in love her…  A typical day for her would be getting up, going to school with Chris, and then going home to do homework with him, which she preferred to do at Chris’ house.  

Look for a new tidbit next Wednesday!  Here are the last 19 tidbits:
1. I am releasing a novel in 2014
2. The title is Romance is for Other People
3. There are four main characters
4. The first main character is Chris, male, 14 years old.
5. The second main character is Lydia, female, 14 years old
6. The third main character is Jeremy, male, 16 years old.
7. The fourth main character is Amanda, female, 16 years old.
8.  The format is first person, split between the four main characters.
9.  The title is a quote from the novel.
10.  All the chapter titles are quotes.
11.  Plot summary (View Here)
12.  Genre: Modern Teen Drama-Comedy.  Just to be clear, it is not: Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Drama, Mystery, Western, or Musical.
13.  There will be a dance in chapter 3.  
14. Chapter 1 will be from Chris and Lydia's viewpoint.  Chapter 2 will be from Jeremy and Amanda's viewpoint.
15. Chris and Lydia will be auditioning for a play in Chapter 1.
16. Amanda has a best friend named Katie.
17. Chris and Lydia have not been dancing together before the beginning of the story.
18. Both Jeremy and Amanda play on basketball teams.
19. Chris Character Profile (View Here)

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