Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Romance is for Other People Tidbit #22: Amanda Character Profile

Hello Everyone!  For the Month of May, I am going to profile all four of the main characters on Wednesdays. Here is Romance is for Other People Tidbit #22:

Amanda is 16 years old.  She tries to maintain a B- average.  She has no siblings.  She lives with her mother and has no contact with her father.  She is as clever and sarcastic as she is angry and bitter.  She has played basketball since she was very young.  She only has one friend, her best friend Katie, also on the basketball team.  She sometimes gets in fights with Katie, because of what Amanda perceives is Katie being a “mom” (that is, telling her how she’s messing up).  Her middle school basketball team won one game in the playoffs for the first time in the school’s history.  However, currently she has been skipping practice after getting into fights with the coach.  She considers all guys to be jerks, even the boy she’s currently flirting with, Jeremy.  She knows he flirts with other girls but she can’t stay away.  A typical day would be running into Jeremy and flirting with him, arguing with the teacher about homework assignments, having lunch with Katie, running into Jeremy and flirting/fighting with him again, and finding an excuse to skip practice.  

Look for a new tidbit next Wednesday!  Here are the last 21 tidbits:
1. I am releasing a novel in 2014
2. The title is Romance is for Other People
3. There are four main characters
4. The first main character is Chris, male, 14 years old.
5. The second main character is Lydia, female, 14 years old
6. The third main character is Jeremy, male, 16 years old.
7. The fourth main character is Amanda, female, 16 years old.
8.  The format is first person, split between the four main characters.
9.  The title is a quote from the novel.
10.  All the chapter titles are quotes.
11.  Plot summary (View Here)
12.  Genre: Modern Teen Drama-Comedy.  Just to be clear, it is not: Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Drama, Mystery, Western, or Musical.
13.  There will be a dance in chapter 3.  
14. Chapter 1 will be from Chris and Lydia's viewpoint.  Chapter 2 will be from Jeremy and Amanda's viewpoint.
15. Chris and Lydia will be auditioning for a play in Chapter 1.
16. Amanda has a best friend named Katie.
17. Chris and Lydia have not been dancing together before the beginning of the story.
18. Both Jeremy and Amanda play on basketball teams.
19. Chris Character Profile (View Here)
20. Lydia Character Profile (View Here)
21. Jeremy Character Profile (View Here

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