Sunday, August 17, 2014

Four Disney Animated Romantic Duets

There’s something incredibly romantic about duets in movies. While songs sung by one person to another can certainly be romantic as well, the idea that two people already in love singing to each other confirms that the relationship has gone to a new level.  The two people are moving and singing in sync with each other, anticipating each other’s movements and actions.  Of course, the duets can also be significant to the plot as well.  In Animated Disney movies, the duets feature brilliant animation as well.  Here are four Disney Animated romantic duets, which are not part of a live-action movie (like Enchanted). 

First is the most famous of all duets: A Whole New World from Aladdin.  The song is majorly important to the plot: up to this point, Jasmine did not trust Aladdin, transformed into Prince Ali by the genie.  Jasmine had met Aladdin before in beggar clothes, and at a critical point when they were chased by soldiers, he asked Jasmine if she trusted him.  She said yes.  Now, Jasmine treated “Prince Ali” like any other prince who had courted her, with contempt and rejection.  So “Prince Ali” comes back a second time, and this time shows off his magic carpet to her, asking her to come with him, saying, “Do you trust me?”  Jasmine, realizing who it is, says knowingly, “Yes…”  Then Aladdin takes Jasmine on the ride of her life, seeing incredible sights and sounds.  And through the song, Jasmine finds herself falling for him. 

Second, there is “I see the Light” from Tangled.  Like Aladdin, the song is very important to the plot.  Rapunzel is taken to the capital city of Corona by Flynn Rider so she could see the lanterns that are released every year in the city, in exchange for the satchel that Flynn so desperately wants.  Rapunzel doesn’t completely trust Flynn Rider, and Flynn Rider isn’t completely honest about who he is to Rapunzel.  However, as they get closer to the city, they start bonding with each other and falling for each other.  After the reach the city, they take a boat out on the harbor and watch as the lanterns are released for the first time.  Rapunzel sings about finally achieving her dreams and Flynn sings about how he’s meant to be with her.  They finally begin to fall in love with each other.  But just as they are, about to kiss…

Thirdly, there is Once Upon a Dream by Sleeping Beauty.  Done very early in the movie, Aurora is has been living in the woods since she was a little girl, with only the forest animals for company.  The forest animals put on a coat and pretend to be a suitor.  Prince Philip, who has been watching the whole thing, and very much in love with Aurora, turns into Aurora’s arms when she spins.  At first, she resists, but at the end of the song, she relaxes and the two start dancing for real, very un-ironically falling for each other, having just met. 
Fourthly, and very ironically, is Love is an Open Door from Frozen.  Anna, who has lived a lonely life in the palace all her life, is overjoyed to meet Prince Hans, who immediately takes a shine to her too.  When they meet again after the coronation of her sister Elsa, they immediately steal away, and sing about how incredibly in tune they are with each other.  They must be meant to be, because they finish each other’s “sandwiches.” 
The song is ironic because [Spoiler] Hans is later revealed to be duplicitous towards Anna.  He’s not singing from his heart, he’s pretending to be in sync with her so that he can marry her and take over the kingdom.  Thus, the song viewed a second time takes on a totally new meaning and feeling than the first time it’s viewed.  But it is also the funniest and bounciest of the four, while the first three are more serious duets.

All the duets are extremely catchy and very fun to watch.  Check out these songs from Disney, there’s some of the best!  

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