Monday, September 22, 2014

On Writing and Revising

Unfortunately, the release date for Romance is for Other People has been delayed until next year.  Read more below:
In my teens, I wrote the first draft a story called, The Edge of Existence, in which Chris, Lydia and Jeremy from Romance is for Other People were in there, albeit in different form.  “The Edge of Existence” was action/adventure Spiritual story, very different from the story I’m try to release now.  But the interactions between the three characters made for intriguing writing without the action/adventure main plot.  I couldn’t help thinking about a romantic story, with just the characters, without all of that other stuff.  I wrote a summary, but left it at that.

After graduating from Durham Tech in the spring of 2009, I took a year off. Doing that allowed me to finish the sequel to The Edge of Existence, called Volatile Emotions.  Once I finished that, I finally decided to write Love Square.  I decided to write it in first person from all four of the main characters, Chris, Lydia, Jeremy and Amanda.  I enjoyed getting into the heads of each of the characters, and also jumping back and forth between them.  I particularly enjoyed jumping back and forth between the characters in the middle of the scene, showing each character’s reaction to a scene. 
Then I went to NC State, and graduated from there in 2012.  In the fall of 2012, I finally had the chance to revise it, which I did…but I had no idea of how good or bad it was.  I sent it off to 10 or so close friends, asking them to read it.  The concept and/or starting point must not have been very interesting, and to be honest, many people have busy lives, which led to only one finishing the novel (thank you, Nikki!).  She loved it, (with a few quibbles), which I used to revised it a third time.  I did a few minor revisions during this time, just with little ideas I had about individual scenes.

Then in late 2013, my mom put me in contact with Deneane Sutton, who would help me get my book off the ground.  She found an illustrator, graphic designer and editor.  She was very nice and friendly and I appreciate the help she gave getting the manuscript ready for print. She gave it to a teenage relative of hers, who read it in a day and loved it - that was a good sign.  But as we got closer to the projected release date, I started getting nervous.  What would a professional think of the book?  I thought, based on what I had heard so far, that it was in pretty good shape. 

So in early June of this year, I decided to send to the book to CreateSpace for an editorial evaluation, the same company that was going to publish my work.  I received it in late June…and the editor said there was a lot of work that had to be done.  I was crushed, but I also found the time to do it during my busy summer - a long road trip to Ohio in early August.  I worked feverishly to completely a lot (but not all) of the changes suggested by the editor.  I felt better about it – but I was still unsure about what I had, not only with content but also with grammar. 

In early September, I sent it off again, this time to True Blue Editorial, for an In-Depth Critique, which included line editing, which I so desperately needed.  And her response was…less than stellar.  Even after I had revised it, she thought it needed more work than the last one did.  While admittedly some came from her point of view, I don’t consider her point of view any less valid.  If she thought that, there’s no doubt that many readers would feel the same. 

The bottom line here is that my book need a lot more work.  More work that I don’t have time for before the release date.  I feel like I let everyone down, and I apologize sincerely for that.  I have decided to delay the release until sometime in the future.  It’ll come out when I feel it is at a level that is ready to be published.  With that in mind, I’m going to take a break from my blog as well.  Thank you all for your support.  

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