Monday, February 16, 2015

Romance is for Other People Tidbit #22 (Jeremy Character Profile)

Hello Everyone! Here are the revised Romance is for Other People Tidbits!

Jeremy Character Profile:
Jeremy Wagner is 16 years old.  He tries to maintain a C+ average.  He has no siblings.  His parents are divorced and he rarely sees his father.  His mother spoils him and she has a rotating series of boyfriends.  Jeremy is loud and speaks his mind.  He hates his cousin Chris and thinks he’s a loser.  He played basketball since he was a little kid.  He considers all of his basketball teammates his buddies.  He wants to be accepted by the coach.  His middle school team made it to the playoffs for the first time in school history.  As a result, he is arrogant about his high school skills and a ball hog.  He has tendencies to have fantasies, sometimes even in the middle of conversations.  He loves to flirt with girls and pretend to be interested in them.  One girl he flirts with, Amanda, he thinks he might actually like.  A typical day for Jeremy would be running into Amanda and flirting with her, flirting with Becca in Chemistry, goofing off of classes, running into Amanda again and flirting/fighting with her, flirting with Kristina in social studies, and running into Amanda yet again and fighting/flirting with her, and maybe showing off his oh so obvious prowess at basketball practice.

Previous tidbits:

1. I am releasing a novel in 2015!
2. The title is Romance is for Other People 
3. There are four main characters
4. The first main character is Chris, male, 14 years old.
5. The second main character is Lydia, female, 14 years old.
6. The third main character is Jeremy, male, 16 years old.
7. The fourth main character is Amanda, female, 16 years old.
8. The format is first person, alternating between Chris and Lydia.
9.  The title is a quote from the novel.
10. All the chapter titles are quotes.
11. Romance is for Other People Summary (View Here)
12. Genre: Contemporary Young Adult Drama-Comedy
13. Chapter 1 will be from Chris' viewpoint.  Chapter 2 will be from Lydia's viewpoint.
14. Chris and Lydia will be auditioning for a play in Chapter 1.
15. Chris' family has a BBQ with Lydia's family in Chapter 2.
16. There will be a dance in Chapter 3.
17. Chris' parents and Lydia's parents are close friends with each other.
18. Chris and Lydia did not dance together before the story starts.
19. Chris and Lydia live next door to each other.
20. Chris character profile: (View Here)
21. Lydia character profile: (View Here)

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