Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Reviews are in!

Hello Everyone!
The reviews have started to come in!  I am really excited, because I have always wanted to know what other people thought of my book.   I have been reviewed by three separate people so far, one of which is a top 500 Amazon reviewer!

1.  A Smashwords reviewer named G. Andy Mather bought my book on his own left a review on Smashwords, giving it a 5-Star Review.  Here is an excerpt: "I really enjoyed this book. It really captures the uncertainty, and emotional turmoil of being a teen." Check the full review out here:

2. An Amazon reviewer named Aaron left a review on  He also gave a 5-Star Review. He said: "This was an excellent read! Filled with drama that keeps you on your toes throughout the book."  Check it out here:

3.  Tome Tender Book Blog just released a 5-Star Review, not only on a blog post but also on Amazon as well.  Under the name Dii, she is Top 500 Amazon reviewer!  Wow!  I love the entire review, and here is just a small sample of this fantastic, brilliant review: "Get ready to maneuver the minefields of first love, young love, and teen insecurity, and dare I say, quite possibly one of the most endearing demonstrations of the phrase “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” Grab your tissues, your angst-o-meter, your laugh-o-meter and possible some motion sickness pills, we are entering the chaotic minds and hearts of two teens, best friends forever as once again, teen Cupid practices his/her archery skills in the arena of love." The review is found here: and on Amazon of course.   

Other places my book has been mentioned:

1.  I did a guest post on the blog Girl Who Reads, where I talked about how I created a book soundtrack for Romance is for Other People:

2. I did an interview with Brandi Breathes Books, where I talked about my inspiration for Romance is for Other People, among other things.  Check it out here:

Well, I hope you enjoyed this surprise blog post!  Next weekend, I will be posting the Soundtrack blog post on my blog, because after 30 days I can use the post myself.    Have a great day everyone!  

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