Friday, August 28, 2015

Titles I wish were on Netflix

Every once in a while, while Netflix has an impressive lineup, there is that one particular TV series or movie that you can’t watch.  It’s not on Instant Watch or even on DVD.  That dreaded green “save” button, or even worse, it doesn’t even exist at all.  Here are some examples of TV shows and movies that I personally wish were on Netflix. 
The number one title I wish was on Netflix is Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  The one-season spin-off series never got a DVD release, but all of the episodes are still available digitally on Amazon, Google Play, VEDU, etc.  Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, like its parent series Once Upon a Time, features characters in a fairytale Alice in Wonderland type of setting, while also featuring scenes of the characters in the “real life” town of “Wonderland.”  Since it has crossover elements with the original series, I would really like to watch “In Wonderland” with the original series.  But the only way to do that legally right now is to pay $15.49 (at least) to pay for a whole season of digital copies.  That’s for one series that’s almost double what I pay Netflix per month and can watch thousands of titles.  I really want to watch Once Upon a Time, but what’s stopping me is that the spin-off series is not available on Netflix, and since so much time has passed since it was on (2013-2014), I highly doubt that Netflix will acquire the rights to the series, and that’s too bad.
Then there are the nostalgic series that I watched growing up on the Disney Channel.  While I could fill a whole post about that, I am just going to give two examples.  Bug Juice (1998-2001) was a reality series focusing on middle-school real girls and guys going to a summer camp, each season focusing on a different camp.  It lasted three seasons and may have been influential in my decision to work a summer camp.  Unlike many other camp series, which have a habit of being cliched stories (if it involves kids, it’s about them saving the camp at camp, if it involves older teens, it means all the characters have sex), this story focused on the drama involving real kids, and as such, despite having the manipulative editing that all reality shows have, was still the most realistic depiction of what kids go through when they go a summer camp.  The other TV show was the Famous Jett Jackson (1998-2001).  Jett Jackson was a teen TV star who moved his show back to his hometown of Wilstead, North Carolina.  Jett Jackson was shown to be a normal kid at school with two best friends while also acting in one of the most popular shows in the country (in universe, anyway), about Silverstone, a super teen spy.  Many times a subplot of the show featured Silverstone going on a mission while the main story was Jett dealing with a problem at home.  With both shows, too much time has passed and there is not enough of a fanbase of either show for it to wind up on Netflix. 
And finally, the final one actually surprised me.  Rodgers and Hammerstein in the 1940s to the 1960s created some of the most iconic musicals of all time.  I wanted go though and watch all their early movies, which, while not as well known as Sound of Music or the King and I, were still well regarded in their own right.  But Oklahoma! and Carousel, the first two Rodgers and Hammerstein movies, are not available on Netflix.  Without the success of these early musicals, the other ones would never have been made.  I hope one day these films will become available on Netflix. 

What titles do you wish were on Netflix but aren’t on Instant Watch or DVD?  Netflix can only carry so many titles in order to maintain the good price it has, but it would still be nice if it could carry your favorite titles that are more obscure.  Here’s to hoping that this post will generate interest in them. 

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