Friday, September 4, 2015

Our Love of List Entertainment – and 5 places to find it

           List entertainment is easily digestible because it is about a specific subject that interests us (whether it be a specific type of movie, TV, book, online media, etc., or in the case of Mental Floss, any subject imaginable), and gives it usually in a countdown fashion, ending with the best.  Even if we don’t completely agree with the list, we usually find a favorite on the list.  It also gives us an easily identifiable beginning and ending. 
1. I just stumbled across the YouTube channel Mental Floss, whose most popular video series is called the List Show.  Some of the most recent videos: 31 Amazing Facts about Household Items, 21 Failed Inventions, 22 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories.  Hosted mainly by John Green, but also by Mike Rugnetta, Craig Benzine and Paige Finch, the host rattles off the information in list form, in videos usually lasting 5 to 10 minutes. 
             2. I have already covered elsewhere, but its top 10 lists are still addicting.  Almost always featuring something to do with entertainment, three of most recent videos were, “Top 10 Hilarious Break-Up Scenes”, “Top 10 Alcohol Chugging Movies” and “Another top 10 Annoyingly Catchy Songs.” 
             3. Buzzfeed has many list articles, dealing with a personality trait juxtaposed with gifs from popular TV shows and movies: A recent article was called, “19 Real, Tiring and Frustrating Struggles of Being Introvert with FOMO” (FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”).  Number Four, for example, says, “And yet, your FOMO means that every time there is a big night out, your guilt makes you feel like you have to go.”  With that caption, underneath is a gif of Michael Scott (Steve Carell) from The Office, with his caption reading “I hate, hate, hate being left out.”  It’s that type of stuff that populates BuzzFeeds page.
             4. Another site I frequent with two separate regular lists is The A.V. Club, an entrainment review and news website.  One of their most popular regular features is Inventory.  Inventory goes In-depth in its list, for example: “The Late Greats: 18-Plus TV characters who Buoyed Shows Midstream” details exactly the circumstances in which the actor and the character revitalized the show.  Other recent articles include “These are the breaks: 10 of the most sampled drum beats in History,” and “’If you’ll love me, you’ll drink this’: 7 Movie Cocktails you shouldn’t Try at Home.”  A.V. Club also includes TV Club 10, a list of 10 episode of a TV series that were the most representative of the shows’ output, not necessarily the best episodes (though of course sometimes they did overlap).  Recent shows included Angel, Modern Family and Weeds. 
            5. And if you read through my past articles, I have also used list entertainment as a way to easily write an article for my blog.  Some of my past articles include: Music Synergy: Nine Teen Actresses with First Songs/Singles made Directly for Their TV Show or Movie, Five Disney-Produced Disney Documentaries You Can See (And One You Can’t), and 3 Sets of Siblings Headlining Their Own Separate Shows.  Yes, I know, I’m sucker for them myself. 

            So what list would you like to see next? What TV shows, movies, books, online videos, music, actors, actresses, sports, demand to be put onto a list?  Let me know, after, I love doing them myself.  And yes, I made this a list of list entertainments on purpose.

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