Friday, November 20, 2015

Franchises with Seven or More Movies

                These are the big ones… either that or the ones that have become franchise zombies.  Nevertheless, there are the rare movies that have spawned at least six sequels.  This is not counting “universe” movies, like from the Marvel Universe, because they are not direct sequels (though they have direct sequels in them, like Iron Man 3 and Captain America: Winter Soldier).  Star Wars is just about to join the seven movies club with Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  In any case, here are Franchises with seven or more movies.
                James Bond (24 Movies): Perhaps no movie series of 24 titles has had more of an impact than James Bond.  James Bond, 007, is a suave playboy spy who goes on outlandish missions and frequently Finflirts and beds women.  While his more sexist attitudes have been blunted in the most recent movies, the self-assured, super-capable agent with a ton of gadgets has endured from Dr. No (1962) to Specte (2015).
                Star Trek (12 Movies): The original Star Trek movie series was an offshoot of the Star Trek TV Series, about starship crew whose mission was to explore the universe and fight evil.  After the series was a hit in reruns, the original crew came back for six more movies, then after the sequel series (Star Trek: the Next Generation) ended, three of the characters from the original series made an appearance in Star Trek: Generations with the new crew.  The series with the new crew lasted for four movies, and then the series was rebooted (two movies so far) with a new cast for the original characters from the first series.
                Friday the 13th (12 Movies), A Nightmare on Elm Street (9 Movies), Halloween (10 Movies), and Saw (7 movies).  Perhaps no film series more lends itself more to sequels than horror films, whether talking about a serial killer from a summer camp (Friday the 13th) or a serial killer who kills in dreams (Nightmare on Elm Street), a serial killer who kills specifically on Halloween (Saw – just kidding, the Halloween franchise), or serial killer who subjects his victims to games of psychological torture (Saw).  The producers, writers and directors keep coming up with interesting ways for the killer to kill people, and the audience keep coming back for more.
                Police Academy (7 Movies): If there was ever an example of a franchise zombie, this might be it.  The story is that the mayor of a town decided to enact a policy that the police station must accept all recruits…and of course the station gets a bunch of misfits who must prove themselves.  The original movie wasn’t that great to begin with, but it was a success, so every year around the same time another one was released, until the sixth movie.  Finally the five years after the sixth one came out, the seventh one was released, made less than $150,000, and finally put the series out of its misery.
                The Fast and The Furious (7 Movies): This series focuses on a team who illegally street races and many times attempts a fantastic heist.  While the series’ main star, Vin Diesel, did not star in all of the franchised movie, he starred in the original and has been the lead in the fourth through the seventh movies. The second and third movies used different main stars.  What is interesting about the series was that following the fourth film (Fast & Furious), the critical reception and the box office both improved with each sequel.  

                These are just some of the movies that have franchises that have spawned an amazing six sequel.  Not that I’d recommend checking out all them, but it’s worth noting that as long as a series makes some money, the producers and film studios won’t hesitate to make another sequel.  What are some series with at least seven titles that I missed?

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