Friday, November 27, 2015

Great Shows that Only Lasted Two Seasons

                Many times, fan favorite shows last year after year, even cult shows manage to survive for multiple seasons.  However, there are those shows that did well enough to be renewed for one season, but unfortunately, due to lost momentum in between seasons, that is, ratings fell sharply in the second season, the show was unfortunately cancelled.  Still these two-season shows are worth checking out, as they were critically acclaimed and gained cult followings. 
                Dollhouse: most people gravitate to the one-season Firefly, when they think of that awesome Joss Whedon show on Fox.  However, Eliza Dushku brought Joss back to Fox in order to make a series with Fox, because she had a deal with the network.  In Dollhouse, a group of people (called Actives) who had their memories erased and were being controlled and fed specific memories of others for “missions.”  A corporation housed the Actives in an underground facility and rented out the Actives to wealthy clients.  The episodic nature gave way to an ongoing storyline when the Actives started become aware of their surroundings (they were in a drugged state in the underground facility).  The show lasted twenty-six episodes.
Legend of the Seeker was from producers of the more famous Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: the Warrior Princess.  Legend of the Seeker was based on the fantasy books by Terry Goodkind.  In the TV series, a young man named Richard Cypher saves a woman named Kahlan Amnell, who turns out to be a “confessor” (a woman with the ability to bend others to her will, for the rest of her life).   Kahlan, on the run from the forces of the evil Darken Rhal goes to the retired wizard Zedd along with Richard.  There, they find out that Richard is the Seeker of Truth and is meant to defeat Darken Rhal and bring peace to the land with the Sword of Truth.  Richard agrees to take up the mission and the three fight Darken Rhal and his followers for two seasons.  The show lasted forty-four episodes.
                Pushing Daises may be the quirkiest murder mystery TV show ever produced.  The main character, Ned as a child found out he has the ability to bring to life with his touch for five minutes anything that was dead, and can also put to death with the same touch.  But there’s a catch: if someone he revives stays alive more than five minutes, another person dies in the first person’s place.  In the present, Ned, now working as a pie-maker, finds his childhood friend Charlotte “Chuck” Charles dead, and revives her.  The two, along with private investigator Emerson Cod and waitress Olive Snook, investigate strange murders.  Ned would revive the dead for five minutes, ask the deceased questions about how he died, and return him to death and they would go on their mystery. The show was known for its bright, fantasy-like visuals and quick-fire dialogue but could not recover after its first season was cut short due to the Writer’s Strike of 2007-2008.  The show lasted twenty-two episodes.
                Phil of the Future was on the Disney Channel and while it didn’t reach the popularity of shows like That’s So Raven or the Suite Life of Zach and Cody, which were on at the same time, it was nevertheless a fun and interesting show.  Phil Diffy, along with his dad goofy Lloyd and kind mom Barb, and his troublemaker sister Pim, were from the year 2121 on a time traveling trip and their time machine broke down in the present.  Phil befriends Keely Teslow a bubbly girl who attends H.G. Wells high school along with Phil and Pim.  The characters would go on various comedic adventures, sometimes involving the Diffy’s futuristic gadgets.  The show benefited from the great chemistry between Phil and Keely.  It lasted forty-three episodes.

                The first three shows are available on DVD, and you can find some episodes of Phil of the Future on youtube.  Check out these awesome shows that only lasted two seasons.

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