Saturday, December 5, 2015

Romance is for Other People Trivia Contest (Win $25 Amazon Gift Card!)

Here is the Romance is for Other People Trivia Contest!  Winner receives a $25 gift card from AND a sample chapter from my next book, My Protector: The Legend of James and Sophia. The first person to email the correct answers to (or message my Facebook author page, Lee Wolf) will win!  Some of the questions are trick questions, so read them very carefully!  I’ll give you a hint about the first question to get you started: the answer is Chapter 1, Page 1.  UPDATE: We have a winner for the $25 gift card...but you can still send in the correct answers and receive the sample chapter!  

Romance is for Other People Trivia Contest
1. What was on the poster advertising the homecoming dance?
2. What were the professions that Lydia’s and Chris’ dads said they were going be at the circus when Chris and Lydia attempted to ask to go to the homecoming dance?
3. What were the names of the teens that were at the Midsummer Night’s Dream callbacks with Chris and Lydia?
4. How long had Chris and Lydia been at the dance before Lydia called her dad?
5. What was Chris’ response when Jeremy offered to give him and Lydia a ride in his car to their home?
6. What were the first lines of Romeo and Juliet that Chris says in the school hallway to Lydia?
7. When Chris and Lydia were talking with Theater Director Louse, who was the second person to convince Louise that they could handle the kissing scenes in Romeo and Juliet?
8. Where did Lydia put the pictures of her and Chris that were on her poster board after she took them down? 
9. What was Chris’ Aunt Joan’s boyfriend’s name?
10. What was inside the locket that Jeremy gave Lydia on the last day of school before Christmas? 
11. What unexpected thing did Jeremy do to win Lydia over after he showed her the poster and gave her the flowers in the gym? 
12. What was playing on the radio in the restaurant when Lydia and Jeremy almost kissed? 

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