Friday, January 15, 2016

3 Vine Stars Who Don’t Rely on Offensive Content

    Vine is the 6-second video format that inspires a lot a lot of crazy ideas.  Because vine has to get its joke across as quickly as possible, many times the joke made is offensive by language or by stereotype.  But there are some vines out there that rely more on funny situations or genuine humor than offensive content.  Now, not every vine creator is perfect, but here are three that have developed awesome content that is mostly clean for family audiences.
     The Eh Bee family is a Dad, Mom and two kids, a boy and a girl.  With the dad as the leader of the vines, much of the humor involves an exaggeration of typical family life.  For example, on a back-to-school vine, the parents are literally dragging the kids to school.  There are several infrequent series of vines that Eh Bee family uses.  One is Dead Husband Walking, where the father would cross the line in something he said to his wife, and the next shot would be him in lying in a suit, eyes closed to the tune of “I will Remember You.”  Another is Kids Bop, where the daughter (Miss Monkey) provides humorous parody lyrics to famous rap and pop songs.  The family also does vines which provide a contrast between the family of the 50s and today, vines with the father’s Indian and Korean friends, many of them Korean translations of phrases or songs, and the daughter overreacting to a situation (like drawing a sword and destroying a watermelon).  The family has also had success on YouTube, having recently surpassed 1 million subscribers. 
      Thomas Sanders is a Florida based viner who relies on situational humor and college humor to draw in viewers.  His vines are typically upbeat, with a self-deprecating attitude sometimes.  Some of his most well know series include: Misleading Compliment, where the sentence would start out as an insult but end in a compliment; Narrating People’s Lives, where Thomas would approach an unsuspecting passerby and come up with a humorous story about them and humor comes from the people’s reaction to his “story.”  Thomas also does Shout-out Sundays, where he sings a sweet song about one person’s name.  Thomas also does an impression of Stewie Griffin from Family Guy and pranks based on Disney Scenes or the Pokemon franchise.  Many of his vines also feature short skits with Thomas and his friends, sometimes his teachers and family (for example,Thomas did one where he said he may not be the best smartest or the best guy and when the girl said, “But…” he responded, “No, that’s about it,” and walked away).  Thomas also has a YouTube channel, where he posts his vines for the month and exclusive videos like question and answer videos.
      Zach King is a LA vine star whose skills as an editor and visual effects artist are unmatched.  Zach typically does vines which look like almost like a magic trick.  Some of Zach’s vines include: a situation where he reaches into or out of a computer screen and pulls out something, like money or a kitten.  He has done several trick flying videos, for example, one where he flew using only cardboard wings.  Another vine series he does is he knocks or slaps something, like a watch or a soccer ball, on a piece of paper and a real soccer ball or watch.  Another series is Zach humorously jumping through walls and losing his clothes, ending up in boxers and a T-shirt.  He also turns inanimate objects into animals, like kicking a soccer ball into a puppy or shaking a piggy bank into a baby pig, and sometimes his backpack or his bed comes alive and starts eating everything in sight.  He can also be found on YouTube where he posts longer videos with the same editing skill as the Vine videos. 

      These vine stars use mostly clean humor versus offensive language, jokes or stereotypes in order to bring entrainment to the platform.  Check out these awesome Vine creators.  

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