Friday, January 29, 2016

YouTube Channel Profile: D4Darious

                A few years ago, Darious Britt was an unknown filmmaker who was pushing his way through film school.  Unlike many other filmmakers, Darious Britt utilized YouTube to chronicle his work on finishing and promoting his first feature film, Unsound and present advice for aspiring filmmakers along the way.  Eventually, his channel expanded to include advice not directly related to his movie, as he found his own style of movie advice, about various movie production topics.  Most his recent videos borrow from other successful vloggers: he shoots his videos with quick cuts, in front of an interesting background (in his case, magazine clippings/covers from various movies). 
                D4Darious has several series of interest to people making movies.  First, he has several videos of advice to screenwriters, including describing the 3-act structure, tackling writer’s block, and if you need structure when writing screenplays (the answer: almost always yes).   He also has a 7 part series on writing specifically for short films.  Related to screenwriting, he has 3-act movie breakdowns of many of the most popular movies, including Star Wars, The Incredibles, The Matrix and How to Train Your Dragon. 
                Because Darious has also dealt with the directing side of filmmaking, he has a bunch of advice for directors for directing actors.  He has videos about avoiding overacting, working with non-actors, acting in your own film, and the importance of listening.  He also has videos about other aspects of movie production, including picking a good high-quality camera, where to find a good crew, making an effective trailer and advice about crowd funding.  He also has a list of fifteen mistakes first time filmmakers make, so filmmakers can be aware and avoid them.  And he also has a short 3 video series about making and promoting your own youtube channel, no matter the content. 
                Darious has also documented the promotion of his film Unsound fairly extensively: his older videos show much of his journey of the festival circuit, which are on his vlog channel, Darious Britt.  For an aspiring filmmaker, to see Darious’ journey with his feature film, going from festival to festival, promotion and expenses, and what to do to make all the footage you shot look professional, is inspiring and a little daunting.  Darious shows realistically just how much work goes into making a film and promoting it. 
                Of course, there are plenty of other Filmmaking YouTubers out there.  Indy Mogul is an independent filmmaking video channel, with over 1,000 videos of advice, including visual effects, lighting and audio help, as well as short films which demonstrate the advice in the videos.  Ryan Connelly has a filmmaking YouTube channel called Film Riot, where he dispenses advice on Mondays and Thursdays about various filmmaking techniques.  A few of his most recent topics include auto focus, practical effects versus CGI, avoiding clichés and handling client work.  

                I found Darious Britt an engaging and knowledgeable filmmaker with much good advice to other aspiring filmmakers.  Check out Darious’ videos and if you really like his stuff, check out his short film Seafood Tester and his trailer for his feature film Unsound.

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