Friday, October 14, 2016

Romance is for Other People is #FREE – ONE DAY ONLY!

My novel, Romance is for Other People is FREE for only one day: tomorrow, October 15, 2016 exclusively on the ebook hosting site Smashwords!  Follow the link below to get the book:

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If you don’t know what my book is about, here’s an excerpt from Tome Tender’s 5-Star Review:

Romance is for Other People by Lee Wolf nails the raging tsunami that is teen romance in the uncharted and turbulent waters of love as Lydia and Chris share their POVs, their feelings and their confusion when they each realize their BFF status is undergoing a metamorphosis that could spell the end of all things as they know it.  Can their relationship withstand the onslaught of hormones?  Will it bring them to a higher plane of awareness or end what they have shared for years? Is Chris really that clueless or is he avoiding acknowledging his heart’s desires?  Are Lydia’s “clues” going over Chris’ head?  Will the “villain” in all of this really be Cupid in disguise?

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