Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to get a signed copy of my book

I know some of you cannot come to the book release event on May 2nd.  With the RSVP of April 19 just a few days away, I understand life is busy, you have prior commitments, that sort of thing. I have thought about this and I have come up with two options:

1. You can look at who of your friends is attending the facebook event (Romance is for Other People Book Release Event) and ask one of them to an extra order a copy for you and the price will be $10 (with the ebook included).   That would be the best option to keep your cost down.  Or just attend the event, if you don't have any commitments!  :)  

2.  You can order from my website, starting April 20, a signed copy of the paperback for the list price ($12.99 + $3.00 standard shipping).  There will be a BUY NOW button on the (Buy Romance is for Other People) page.  I know some people hate paying shipping on top of everything else, but I hope you understand: I have to order the book from the book manufacturer (CreateSpace) and pay for shipping, and then I have to pay again for shipping it to you.  I won't make you pay shipping twice, just the money it costs to send from me to you.  But I know paying for shipping is a pain, so I will include the ebook for free through smashwords (which has all of the ebook formats), to make it more worth paying for. 
So $12.99+$3.00 shipping = signed copy of paperback book shipped to you + ebook.  Quite a deal, don't you think?  

I really do want you to get a signed copy if you want to get it.  I hope this helps!   Lee 

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