Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Revised Version of Romance is for Other People Uploaded - Here's Why

Hi Everyone,
     Today I am uploading a new version of Romance is for Other People to all 3 accounts where the book is available:  1. Createspace (the company that prints Amazon Paperback) 2. Smashwords 3. Kindle Direct Publishing.  NOTE: The new versions make the book temporarily unavailable.   Are there any plot/story differences? No.  It is exactly the same story.
     So why the new version?  Several reviewers have pointed out several major errors in my book (sentences which were confusing, sections which were told from Lydia's perspective (for example) described things happening from Chris's perspective, grammatical errors, etc.).   Nancy Winter was kind enough, without my asking, by the way, to sit down with the paperback version of my book and mark any errors she saw.    I have since corrected all the errors she marked in my book and corrected a few more I saw on my own.
    Also, on October 15, 2016, for one day only, my book will be FREE on Smashwords!  Smashwords contains all the different ebook versions, including epub, mobi (Kindle) and pdf.  It's the best way to release a free online version of my book.
    In anticipation of my Free Day I wanted to have a new version correcting the major errors that were pointed out to me. I know that as soon as I upload the new version, there will still be people who find more errors I missed.   But at least the big ones were taken out.
    I just wanted, you, my blog readers (all 30 of you) to know why a new version of Romance is for Other People was being released.
    If you feel so compelled, please share/retweet my posts about my book being free on Saturday, October 15!
    Thank you, everyone!

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