Thursday, March 16, 2017

Examples of TV Show Web Series, Part 3

                Welcome to the third installment of TV Show Web Series.  These short webisodes, released online, were designed to give fans of TV shows a little extra bonus in addition to the regular episode.  Check out these examples of TV Show Web series.
                Doctor Who is about a mysterious alien man named simply “The Doctor” and his adventures in space and time with human Earth companions.  Doctor Who had two eras of webisodes, but both had the basic idea: a short scene which was a “prequel” which tied into the episode that was about to air.  The first era was the era of the Tarisodes, one-minute prequel scenes for each of the Series 2 episodes.  The tardisodes were less popular than expected, so BBC stopped production.  Then in 2011, with no individual title, the prequel series was revived again, this time not for every episode but just selected ones.  There were five prequels for series 6 (in 2011), seven prequels and one actual sequel for series 7 (2011-2013), two for series 9 (2015) and one (so far) for series 10 (2016).  The new prequels vary in length from one to seven minutes. 
                The Walking Dead, based on the comic strip with the same name, is about a group of survivors of a zombie attack.  The Walking Dead had three web series.  The first Web Series, which was called Torn Apart, premiered on October 11, 2011, before the second season premiered.  Torn Apart was about Hannah, a mother with two kids and the owner of a bicycle.  Much of the series is about Hannah trying to find her two children. The series lasted six webisodes, each two to five minutes in length.  In the first episode of the first season, main character Rick Grimes mercy kills Hannah, so the first Web Series was a prequel to the main series.  The second Web Series was called Cold Storage and was released on October 1, 2012, before the season three premiere.  Cold Storage was about Chase, who hides in a storage facility with former employee B.J., who is hiding a dark secret.  The series lasted four webisodes, each four to nine minutes long.  The third and last Web Series was called The Oath and was released on October 1, 2013, before the season 3 premiere.  The Oath is another prequel to the first episode and is about Laura and Karina as they search a zombie-filled camp for a medical station, and is the origin of the “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” painted warning on the cafeteria doors in the hospital in the first episode of the first season.  There were three webisodes, seven to ten minutes each.
        Community was a comedy show about a group of community college students who go on many crazy adventures together, many of them parodies of famous movies.  Community had nine total Web Series, from the first season in 2009 up until the final online season in 2015.  The first Web Series was called The 5 A’s of Greendale, released in 2009: the first six webisodes were done in the form of informational videos telling you how to apply to Greendale, and the last two being fake outtakes with the Dean.  The second webisode series was The Community College Chronicles (2009), which are two webisodes done as Abed’s student films.  The third Web Series, called Spanish Videos (2010), had two regular webisodes about Chang assigning a video project and Star-Burns and Abed working on a space epic, with the third webisode being a fake trailer for the space movie.  Web Series number four was called Study Break (2010), and there were three webisodes about ninety-second study break sessions in between Spanish class.  Web Series number five was called Road to the Emmy’s (2010) and was a three-webisode story about the gang on their way to an Emmy party.  Web Series number six was called Dean Pelton’s Office Hours (2010), which had three webisodes which showed Dean Pelton dealing with student problems.  Web Series seven was called Abed’s Master Key (2012) and was an animated three-webisode series, about Abed becoming Pelton’s assistant and given a master key.  The final three Web Series were technically individual shorts but could be considered a Web Series with one episode.  The first was a teaser for season four of Community, called Community Season Four Premieres…Someday (2012), and was done in the form of Troy and Abed in the Morning.  The second was an animated special called Miracle on Jeff’s Street (2013), is about the gang reuniting to save Jeff’s Christmas.  The third is called Abed and the Dean Share a Moment in a Honda (2015), in which Abed acts as if he is the narrator for a car commercial, which makes Dean uncomfortable. 

                Each of these series utilized the Web Series format to bring additional content to fans of these show.  Much of the web content can still be found online.  Check out these TV Show Web Series. 

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